YouTube is Testing A More Stricter Comment Moderation System

The Verge first reported, that YouTubers are sick of comment spam, so YouTube is testing an experimental feature that lets creators ‘increase strictness’ of potentially inappropriate comments held for review. “YouTube has a problem. Spam,” Linus Sebastian said to start a February 1st video on his Linus Tech Tips channel. “From crypto scams to health supplements to free Robux, it just keeps […]

It’s Hard On Small Firms

A semi-well-known startup guy named Sunil Paul breached a contract between an ad agency and his new venture, Spring Free EV. It’s honestly a fairly funny story given how textbook the contract breach seems. It’s like Spring Free EV looked at the Wikipedia for what could invalidate a contract, And made sure that it was impossible to say this contract […]

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Shows First Sign of Promise

“Meta is testing an artificial intelligence system that lets people build parts of virtual worlds by describing them, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a prototype at a live event today. Proof of the concept, called Builder Bot, could eventually draw more people into Meta’s Horizon “metaverse” virtual reality experiences. It could also advance creative AI tech that powers machine-generated […]

The Pandemic Shift Continues For Creatives.

Anthony Fauci says the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is perhaps not the end of the pandemic. While it is a bit less deadly, it’s a bit more contagious, and this pandemic will rage on a little longer. Everyone wants the Covid-19 pandemic to end. It’s been a hard few years for creatives of all stripes. Marketing slowed as companies closed down — […]

Will Production Thrive In The 2021 Holiday Season?

Holiday videos, event photography, and more have long made the holidays a busy season for production. This year more and more cooperate events are taking place on Zoom. And while this may lower the volume of business, we as creatives may still be valued for these evets with a little creativity.  As I said last month, virtual escape rooms offer a […]

Unity Is Acquiring Weta Digital

“Today, Unity announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Weta Digital, specifically its artist tools, core pipeline, intellectual property, and award-winning engineering talent. The Academy Award-Winning VFX service teams of Weta Digital will continue as a standalone entity known as WetaFX and will become Unity’s largest customer in the Media and Entertainment space. By combining the […]

No AI Won’t Replace Video Editors Any Time Soon.

“Automated video editors will intelligently merge simultaneous streams of events” reads the subheading for an article on The articles talk about how much better smartphones are becoming for video recording; this is indisputable. But clumsily attempts to connect the dots as to how, “The next frontier of consumer video creation will be powered by AI, not by a professional videographer or […]

The Facebook Metaverse Is Not A Production Boon

The Facebook Metaverse is probably not an opportunity for creatives: Sorry. Yesterday Facebook announced the “Metaverse” a kind of new idea for the internet. That feels less like creative problem solving and more like technology for the sake of technology, like when QR codes were put on billboards. Some of the so-called Metaverse sound pretty cool — the idea of an augmented reality […]