It’s Hard On Small Firms

A semi-well-known startup guy named Sunil Paul breached a contract between an ad agency and his new venture, Spring Free EV. It’s honestly a fairly funny story given how textbook the contract breach seems. It’s like Spring Free EV looked at the Wikipedia for what could invalidate a contract, And made sure that it was impossible to say this contract isn’t binding.

The contract between Spring Free EV and Push ROI. The breach is written about on Push ROI’s blog. Seems to clearly be fore legal services, with clear terms, consideration, and a lack of fraud. Lots of clear negotiations took place, there is no lack of capacity, no coercion, just a lack of ethics.

It’s sad to see friends (and sometimes clients) over at Push ROI get the shaft, because no matter how much money you think $20,000 is, in the world of contracts it’s hardly worth going to court over. It’s an even sadder commentary on startup land that a venture touting investment from Reid Hoffman, Ev Williams, and Mark Pincus will just ignore vendor contracts