Will Production Thrive In The 2021 Holiday Season?

Holiday videos, event photography, and more have long made the holidays a busy season for production. This year more and more cooperate events are taking place on Zoom. And while this may lower the volume of business, we as creatives may still be valued for these evets with a little creativity. 

As I said last month, virtual escape rooms offer a real opportunity for production companies. And most people don’t want lame events, even if they are just on Zoom. Brit.co recently posted 14 ways to make Zoom holiday parties fun. 

On the corporate side, Virtual Christmas party ideas abound. The question is, how can production companies fit into the equation and budgets?

Well, the first part may be obvious; figure out what you offer. 

If you can pitch an escape room, pitch it. If you can make a sweet recap video? Check LinkedIn, and find who to sell it to. 

It’s been a hard couple of years, for everyone. We will have to get squirrely to make it this winter.