Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Shows First Sign of Promise

“Meta is testing an artificial intelligence system that lets people build parts of virtual worlds by describing them, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a prototype at a live event today. Proof of the concept, called Builder Bot, could eventually draw more people into Meta’s Horizon “metaverse” virtual reality experiences. It could also advance creative AI tech that powers machine-generated art.” Reports The Verge

The video can be viewed here:

My Perspective

This is the first interesting or promising thing we’ve seen regarding Zuckerberg’s idea of a metaverse since Facebook rebranded to Meta

The video looks like a low-fidelity version of Star Trek’s Holodeck. It’s unclear if an AI generated the environment and music, or if they need to be for the tech to have utility. 

An AI remixing digital elements of human creation has long-term utility. And may help Meta get around some copyright limitations placed on AI-generated works

The processes may offer opportunities for creatives, as the experience Zuckerberg demoed seems to show a potential similar to the virtual experiences companies are already starting to use for team building.

The concept reminded me of a documentary series called Everything is a Remix, Embedded for your enjoyment.