The Facebook Metaverse Is Not A Production Boon

The Facebook Metaverse is probably not an opportunity for creatives: Sorry. Yesterday Facebook announced the “Metaverse” a kind of new idea for the internet. That feels less like creative problem solving and more like technology for the sake of technology, like when QR codes were put on billboards.

Some of the so-called Metaverse sound pretty cool — the idea of an augmented reality board game, for example. But nothing that seems to impact creatives and creators exists eminently. As some have already pointed out, the Metaverse is not yet real, and may never be.

The handful of additions that exist right now from this new Facebook announcement are limited to adapting existing apps to a new format. Even that new format sounds like it’s just the same need Oculus VR already created years back.

I don’t see an opportunity for anyone, any time soon, if ever. Mostly this is just a way to distract from the other news about Facebook

The world already went virtual, and that virtual world created new opportunities for production, but this is a nothing burger.