YouTube is Testing A More Stricter Comment Moderation System

The Verge first reported, that YouTubers are sick of comment spam, so YouTube is testing an experimental feature that lets creators ‘increase strictness’ of potentially inappropriate comments held for review.

“YouTube has a problem. Spam,” Linus Sebastian said to start a February 1st video on his Linus Tech Tips channel. “From crypto scams to health supplements to free Robux, it just keeps getting worse with each passing day.” And he was hardly alone. Many other YouTubers made videos complaining about the recent escalation of spam.

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“The YouTube comment section in infected with a scarlet rot” said penguinz0. In a video last month.

Speaking to The Verge YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi said: “over 950 million comments for violating our policies around spam, misleading and scams” were removed by YouTube in Q4 2021, adding “The vast majority” of those removals were first detected by automated flagging systems,”.

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Clearly, those systems haven’t been enough. And they are rolling out a new stricter moderation tool. At least according to a screenshot shared by Marques Brownlee.