The Pandemic Shift Continues For Creatives.

Anthony Fauci says the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is perhaps not the end of the pandemic. While it is a bit less deadly, it’s a bit more contagious, and this pandemic will rage on a little longer.

Everyone wants the Covid-19 pandemic to end. It’s been a hard few years for creatives of all stripes. Marketing slowed as companies closed down — those working in marketing from search engine optimization to video production have all taken a hit. Or as the onion put it most restaurants fail within the first year of it becoming illegal to go to them.

We’ve all struggled to find new lines of business, like planning virtual escape rooms and events for the companies that are now working remotely. But the struggle’s been real. 

For many of us, our fallback jobs also evaporated. We are all trying to make this work, and sadly the end is not coming as soon as we’d all like. We’re at our second holiday, where the few companies still alive and kicking looked for virtual holiday party ideas. And I’m having a hard time being optimistic about next year.